Greetings from SUNNY Arizona

This sure isn't Illinois! We get 320+ days of incessant sunshine here. And surprisingly some things grow here like mad. The flowering bush is a Mexican Bird of Paradise that I cut back to the gound in the fall, and look at it now.

Yeah it's hot - but I won't go back to snow and cold on a bet. You just stay inside for a different four months out of the year.

Mark and Sue

Havasupi Falls

Ten miles down the Supai Trail - 2,500 feet down that is! - on a three day trek with 22 members of the PebbleCreek Hiking Club, I found this most beautiful waterfall. Watch for the whole series of photos to be posted soon at our WebShots site.

For those of you familiar with Chicago, just image starting at the Museum of Science & Industry, hiking uphill to the Hancock Center, then climbing up to the top!

Havasupi Falls

Super Bowl XLII in Arizona

Mark at the Super Bowl

I worked on the Super Bowl XLII security team, and got extremely lucky on Game Day, being assigned to escort the NFL Network broadast talent - Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders and Steve Mariucci (L to R) You can see me in the background of this frame from NFL Network's video "Perfection Denied" between Sanders and Mariucci - and also in "Super Bowl XLII Discussion"

Mark My mother was a Campbell, born in Scotland. And I have become active in the Clan Campbell Society, and served as as the Illinois State Commissioner until we moved to Arizona.

Sue and I have been attending many Scottish Highland Games throughout the midwest for a couple of years now. I have built a separate web site for our midwest Region 5, which you visit at
DSC logo I just retired as Manager of EDI Services for DSC Logistics, a third party provider of warehousing, distribution and transportation services. In this role I directed the Electronic Data Interchange of business transactions between DSC and our business partners.

Goodyear logo I am a volunteer with the City of Goodyear, working on the website team. We're launching our totally revised site on July 18, the first major change in over 5 years.

Take a look at

I created the entire "Visitors" section, as well as perform many other maintenance functions.

Prior to joining DSC, I was the MIS Manager at Revell-Monogram, the world's largest manufacturer of hobby model kits. Over 20 years I developed systems in manufacturing, order processing, bar-code/data collection and EDI. When I decided to leave and specialize in a specific area of Information Technlogy, I chose EDI. RM logo

I'm not a big movie-fan, but I do go to the theater occasionally.
And course there are always movies on TV.
Here are my three favorite movie lines.
Send me your's and we'll compare!

The Movie:         City Slickers
The Setting:        Mitch (Billy Crystal) talks back to the gruff cowboy (Jack Palance) and asks:
                                "Killed anyone today Curley?"
The Line:             Day ain't over yet, boy!

The Movie:         The Four Seasons
The Setting:       Father (Alan Alda) visiting his daughter during her first semester away at college asks:
                                "How do you like the other kids at school?"
                                "I don't know. Their idea of fun is getting drunk and pissing over the balconies."
                                "Well, what do the girls think of that?"
The Line:             I was talking about the girls!

The Movie:         Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask
The Setting:       Hundreds of sperm cells stream to the left, each hoping to be the successful one, when
                                suddenly one sperm (Woody Allen) turns and runs in the opposite direction yelling:
The Line:             Go back, go back, it's only a blowjob!

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